Canesten V6: All That you want to know

Fungal infections usually are of a non-serious nature. But left untreated, they can assume a progressive nature and affect the skin, hair, nails, mucous membranes, and lungs. Of the various forms of fungal infections observed in human beings, Candidiasis is among the most common resulting in vaginal infections and affections on the skin.

Taking birth control pills is one of the chief causes of Candidiasis by introducing foreign chemicals into the patient’s body. Other than that, hot weather, tight clothes and poor hygiene, and sometimes obesity or pregnancy can create the ideal environment for Candida and spur its growth in the body.

Antifungals can treat chronic oral or mucocutaneous candidiasis conditions and provide symptomatic relief. Canesten V6 is one such medication that can work for cases of vaginal Candidiasis.

Let’s understand the uses of Canesten V6 in Detail.

Uses of Clotrimazole, the active component Canesten V6

Clotrimazole damages the permeability barrier in the fungal cytoplasmic membrane to achieve its therapeutic effects and interferes with ergosterol biosynthesis. Ergosterol is a sterol (a form of lipid cholesterol) found in the fungi cell membranes that maintain cell-membrane integrity. By inhibiting the biosynthesis of ergosterol in a concentration-dependent manner, Buy Canesten V6 UK damages the fungal cell membrane permeability that kills the fungi, and prevents them from replicating.

In addition to its antifungal action, Clotrimazole inhibits the sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium pump and Contractile function of heart muscles, suggesting its possible role as a therapeutic vasodilator. It even depletes intracellular calcium by locking calcium-dependent potassium and voltage-dependent calcium channels, suggesting its anticancer properties.

In a study conducted to evaluate the effect of Clotrimazole (the active ingredient of Canesten V6)  on the growth and sensitivity of human glioblastoma cell lines, Clotrimazole produced a dose-dependent inhibition of cell proliferation and caused changes in cellular structure toward a well-differentiated form.

Medicinal Benefits

In a meta-analysis of thirty-seven controlled studies conducted in women suffering from vaginal yeast infections, the use of intravaginal Canesten V6 100 mg tablet was shown to improve vaginal health significantly. The efficacy of Canesten V6 or intravaginal Clotrimazole was as effective as the oral dose and showed a safe profile when used for a prolonged basis.

Canesten V6 even has the potential to work on vaginal fungal conditions in symptomatic pregnant women. Yeast infections are common in pregnant women because of the impact of hormonal changes on the vaginal pH. Left untreated, they can pass into the baby’s mouth during labor and delivery and cause the baby to have thrush (chief symptom being mild to moderately cracked skin in the corners of the mouth or white patches on the lips, tongue, or inside the cheeks) that the baby passes on to you while lactating in the subsequent periods.

In an open trial conducted on 56 pregnant women with vulvovaginal Candidiasis (characterized by pruritus, vaginal soreness, dyspareunia, external dysuria, and abnormal vaginal discharge), the patients were administered Clotrimazole vaginal tablet and cream required to be applied to the vulva two to three times daily. Their male partners were treated with cream only.

The therapy was continued for six days, after which the results were evaluated. Using Vaginal Clotrimazole tablets ( Canesten V6) improved symptoms in 89.3% of subjects. 10% had slight complaints, and 17.9% had residual infection left over in the genital tract. All these patients were administered a second treatment of vaginal Clotrimazole that subsided any leftover symptomatic effects or infection signs.

Candidiasis recurred later in pregnancy in only 4 of the included 56 subjects. The study concluded that Clotrimazole and its derivative Canesten V6 are both effective antimycotic agents that can safely be used for vulvovaginal Candidiasis during pregnancy. Of the 56 pregnant subjects, two had concurrent Trichomoniasis, a sexually transmitted infection, foul-smelling vaginal discharge, genital itching, and painful urination. One of these was curing with vaginal Clotrimazole successfully.

Directions for Use

Canesten V6 should be used in the dose and duration advised by your health provider. Before using the medication, wash and dry your vagina. Lie on your back and insert the tablet gently into the vaginal region, following the instructions mentioned in the leaflet. Use Canesten V6 100 mg just before bedtime as you need to lie down for a while after inserting it. Chances are that using the medication will cause leakage. So nighttime use when you can lie down significantly reduces leakage possibilities.

Side effects and precautions

Healthcare practitioners advise you to continue using Canesten V6 even after you feel better symptomatically until you have finished the entire course. Side effects are rare and limited to mild irritation and vaginal burning sensation that reverse within a few days of use. Consult your health provider if the side effects persist or increase in intensity. Inform them if you don’t feel an improvement in symptoms even after three days of using the medicine.

Because of the vaginal nature of the drug, chances of it interacting with oral medications or intramuscular/intravenous medical injections are extremely rare. But even then, healthcare practitioners advise using Clotrimazole concomitantly with Amisulpride ( a second-generation antipsychotic medication ) as it can raise Amisulpride levels resulting in abnormal heart rate in the person.

For your safety, inform your healthcare provider if you have used a similar medication in the past and had an allergic reaction or severe side effects from its use.

Studies have shown the medication to be safe during pregnancy. But consult your physician to be sure that it is safe for you. Avoid the use of tampons and other vaginal products while using Canesten V6. Canest

How to buy Canesten V6

As a prescription medication, you need to obtain a prescription from a licensed practitioner to obtain Canesten V6 100 mg in UK. Only then can you procure it from licensed pharmacies or physician clinics.

Because of its generic status, you can also buy Canesten V6 online. Ensure the authenticity of the site you are ordering from to obtain genuine medication delivered to your doorstep on time.